Saturday, May 3, 2014

Black Tie Nails

So every year in Joplin there is a formal event benefiting the arts.  I was all set to go this year but tragedy usually does....and because me and Murphy don't see eye to eye on his "law (psh...more like guidelines).....tragedy decided to strike the morning of the long anticipated event.

I got the stomach flu.

Yes my friends....vomit for hours.

Two good things came from it tho.  Despite missing the event I had been waiting all month for (that I had bought shoes and jewelry and makeup for), I was 3 pounds thinner by the next morning (yes I know it's water...but still a nice ego boost) AND I had already done my I have this lovely pic for you.

Holding the necklace I was to wear to the affair *sigh*.  

I decided to go contemporary on the classic french and switch it up a bit.  

This is: