Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tutorial: Perfectly Deep Red Lips

I'm absolutely obsessed with red lips.  And my husband is too, but I won't go into that.

I believe everyone can pull off a red lip if they really want to.

And this is a beautiful deep red that will go with anyone's skin tone.  I mean it!

Step1:  Use a red tinted stain on your lips.  I used Beaute lip stain in Fever.
**Tip!  Use a lip brush and start on the inner part of your lip.  Move the stain eventually to the outer edge of your lip line.  This will unsure that you have maximum color on the inner part of your pout and less of a "line" of stain around the edge.  You want your lips to have a natural flush**

Step 2:  Use a red liner to further define the outer edges of our lip.  Don't over-line.  We all want big puts but a fake one is obvious.  Just use the very outer edge of your lip.  I used Beaute lip liner in Apple

Step3:  Apply your lip color.  I used MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense in 48 - Satin Black Currant  .  Use your lip brush if you want better control of color application.  For a very dark pout apply liberally.  This is a deep deep color that can be worn sparingly or with abundance.  It gives a very wine toned effect.

Step 4:  Apply a gloss.  I used YSL Golden Gloss in Red (37).  There are little flecks of gold in this gloss that reflect the light and neutralizes some of the blue undertones of most red lipsticks.

And this combination creates a red that is perfect for all skin tones as it incorporates the blue wanted in a red lipstick to makes your pearly whites brilliant, yet the gold in the gloss makes it wearable for those who do not prefer the blue undertones of most reds.  It is neither orange or blue.  Perfect.  And the stain not only moisturizes your lips, but keeps your color fast and extended. 

I've worn this lip on many a date with the hubs and I can attest it's staying power.  I've eaten, stayed up late, even slept in it and the stain is there till i brush my teeth and wash it off.  It's also smooch resistant...I'm assuming....of course.

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  1. what do you recommend for your senior citizen fans? I'm a seventy-six year old who'd like to rock it once in a while but not look ridiculous (huge fan of your cookie site and just found this one)