Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Nars Sheer Glow

I'm going to do a super short review of Nars Sheer Glow foundation today.

This is a foundation I have been wearing for years and some people are under the idea that I just have a perfect complexion.  Not so.  And in the following pic you will see my naked skin...

like my daughters headband I'm sporting?  Mom life.....

Ok, so it's not a horrible complexion but it isn't perfect.  I have redness around my nose and cheeks, I have a few blemishes, and some darkening around the eyes.....mostly because I probably don't get enough sleep....I have a child that STILL wont sleep through the night.  Anyway....

I'm the kind of person who needs evenness from my foundation without heavy coverage.  A heavy coverage foundation on my skin would look artificial.  I want my skin to look like my skin but better.

I my pic I'm holding my Real Techniques buffing brush, which I usually use to apply this foundation.
When I buy the foundation I do pay the extra whatever dollars for the pump.  It's worth it.  Buy the pump.

I use one pump of foundation for my whole face.  (Make sure your face has been moisturized...it makes a complete difference on how the makeup settles on your skin and how much you use.   Under moisturized skin will require more product and the makeup will have a tendency to sit on top of your dry skin instead of blending into it, which in turn looks like your wearing makeup.  Not what we are going for here....we are aiming for perfect skin)

So one pump....blend into moisturized skin with the buffing brush (DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS!  You waste product and you pull at your skin)

And voila!

My skin is now even, the redness gone, the darkness around my eyes significantly lessened and my pimples just about gone.

Now of course I look pale....I've just created a blank pallet for my makeup.  I can now apply any color I choose, but my skin will look like skin and not a mask.

So my review of NARS Sheer Glow.

Obviously I like it if I have been wearing it so long.  But I will say that it is not an incredibly long wearing foundation.  If you work a 9-5....don't expect this foundation to look this fresh by the time your having dinner later that evening.  The positive is that it IS build-able.  It can build up to a heavier coverage if you so choose.  It isn't heavy...I can't even feel it and I can't stand being able to FEEL my makeup....eck.  It also comes in a large range of shades....THIS isn't even the palest shade...I'm pretty sure there's 2 or 3 colors lighter than this so if your VERY pale then you will most likely find a match.  It does not turn yellow or pink throughout the day so what you see in the mirror in the morning is what you will see at lunch.  It doesn't move to fabrics from your skin.....it's an excellent lightweight, light coverage, build-able foundation.

Overall: A

The only thing that would make this foundation perfect if it was long wearing.  BUT as I have kids and RARELY get to put on makeup to wear all day (Most likely I am only putting on makeup to be worn for 6 hours max and it doesn't fade at all in that time) I have no issue with this that would prevent me from continuing to wear it.



  1. I'm really excited that you're doing this makeup thing on your blog :) Now I get to see your cookies and get makeup lessons/reviews in the same place! ;) Your skin is really beautiful! And this foundation looks awesome too--I've got to try it. I am like you--I don't like heavy coverage and I just want something to make my skin look flawless but not "makeup-y" (I just made that word up :)) Have you ever tried the Armani foundation? I've been wanting to get some but now I think I'll try this as it seems like it does the same thing and it's a tad bit cheaper! I'm going to pick some up at Nordstrom this week! Hope you're feeling ok lately :) Can't wait to check back in soon and see what else you've got on here! :)

    1. I HAVE tried the Armani. It's actually my winter foundation because I feel it's more moisturizing. Not by much, but by enough that it's too much for me in the summer.