Thursday, April 24, 2014

OPI Gelcolor: Live. Love. Carnival.

I went to Houston over the Easter holiday.  Traveling with two kids through an airport alone....for a connecting flight.....with a baby who doesn't like to be held more than 3 minutes because he NEEDS to explore....

Not too awesome.

Anyway.  I felt I was due some pampering after my terrorizing ordeal.  Si I went to a local nail salon with my mother and had a much needed mani pedi.

I chose a gel....because why wouldn't I?  Once you get into gel polish it is SO hard to go back to regular nail polish.

My color of choice:  OPI Gelcolor in Live. Love. Carnival.

please excuse my cuticles.  I just finished doing dishes....

Little did I know at the time that it's a color from their newer RIO line and therefore almost impossible to find online.  So I don't own this one (unfortunately).

But I have plans..... you will be in my grasps my pretty....soon....

Because look at this color!  It's gorgeous orange coral.  Perfect for summer.

And it matches my Zumba wear so....

As far as wear, this pic shows the mani one week in and I think it's looking good.  You can see there's a little wear on the edge of my thumbnail but it's hardly noticeable unless I go looking for it.  Bet ya didn't notice till I said anything did ya?

People either love or hate the OPI Gelcolor.  I personally love it.  It has all my favorite OPI colors that are a relatively decent match to their regular polish counterparts.  I think it applies in nice, even and thin coats and applies very closely to the regular nail polish.  I experience no pooling at the cuticles, no thick bump tip, and no chipping.

Right now I get my OPI gels on Amazon.  You do need a LED light (or a UV light but it takes longer and hello?  UV?  Skin cancer calling....)

They cured it in a UV light at the salon and used Shellac for the base and top coat.  All these salons use more LED gels than UV gels but they still want to cling tight to those UV lamps.  Oh well.

Anyway.  It's an awesome color.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a new batch of Couture polish I'm dying to try out!

I'll let you know how removal goes. :)


**Update**  I FINALLY got my hands on this color!!  I'm so happy!  Found it here.

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